The Objectives of the Association are set out in the Constitution which is provided to each member upon joining. These are as follows:
  • to watch over the interests of the residents in the City of Canning in municipal affairs, and particularly in Riverton, Rossmoyne and Shelley.
  • the advancement and improvement of the City of Canning.
  • to make representations to the Council of the City of Canning on matters concerning ratepayers.
  • to ensure fair representation for all City of Canning Wards.
  • to co-operate with other associations and public bodies interested in municipal affairs.
  • to prevent the intrusion of party politics into the administration of the affairs of the City of Canning.
  • to promote the conservation of the Canning River and safeguard its foreshores and surroundings.
  • to maintain equitable rating within the City of Canning.
  • to form a Sub Committee for Works as required.