Riverton Rossmoyne & Shelley Residents Association (Inc) (RRSRA)

  • The RRSRA has operated in the area for over thirty five years.  We believe that we are extremely fortunate to live in a very special part of the world and our committee works hard to ensure that we maintain the quality and amenities that makes this precinct so special.
  • We collaborate with the City of Canning and other community groups to ensure the members of our community are informed about what is available in their area to assist and support their needs.
  • We act as representatives to our community members to ensure that we maintain the quality of life that we desire and to ensure our facilities and services are in line with the community needs as it grows and changes.
  • We are very keen to increase our membership and if you are a resident of Riverton, Rossmoyne or Shelley we would love to hear from you.