About us

Riverton Rossmoyne & Shelley Residents Association (Inc) (RRSRA)

The RRSRA has operated in the area for over thirty five years.  We believe that we are extremely fortunate to live in a very special part of the world and our committee works hard to ensure that we maintain the quazlity and amenities that makes thois place so special.

We collaborate with the City of Canning and other community groups to ensure the members of our community are informaed about what is available in their area to assist and support their needs.

We act as respresentatives to our community members to ensure that we maintain the quality of life that we desire and to ensure our facilities and services are in line with the community needs as it grows and changes.

We are very keen to increase our membership and if you are a resident of Riverton, Rossmoyne or Shelley we would love to hear from you.

Meet the Committee


Richard settled with his wife and three children in Rossmoyne 7 years ago after spending some years overseas and other locations.  His wife works as a teacher in the area and he continues to work as an Art Dealer in New Guinea and Aboriginal Artefacts.

He has taken a very active interest in local government and has been a regular attendee and active participant at the Council meetings for the past three years.  Richard actively supports the preservation of careful, well balanced improvement of our pristine waterfront environment. 

Richard joined the RRSRA Committee in 2018?? And is currently Acting in the position of President.



Gail Barbera


Gail has lived in Riverton for 17 years.  Moving to the area on returning from the Southwest.

She worked in the tertiary sector for 10 years as the Campus Manager at ECU Joondalup and still couldn’t bring herself to leave the area and was prepared to commute rather than relocate .

Gail joined the RRSRA committee in 2018 and at the end of 2019 was nominated and accepted the position of Secretary.

Peter Clayton

Moved to Rossmoyne with is wife Kay and children in 1995.  He served in Vietnam and as a consequence has experienced ongoing health problems like many other war veterans.

He has always been an active community member originally from Broomehill he has been a shire Councillor, Captain of the bush fire service, member of Lions service club.  Active member of sports and recreation clubs he has been instrumental in starting up several successful businesses.  Peter has been a member of the RRSRA for 10 years was President from 2017 – 2020 and is currently a committee member.

Peter takes an active interest in the Riverton, Rossmoyne and Shelley suburbs and what is going on at Canning Council.

Malcolm Dennett

Malcolm and his family have lived in Rossmoyne since 1969.  He has always appreciated and enjoyed living near the river and a green leafy suburb and fully appreciates the need for open green space. 

As a retired civil engineer he still loves a project and has actively worked in Webb Street, Shelley Foreshore and an active participant at Rossmoyne Park at Central Avenue.

Malcolm joined the RRSRA committee in 2019.



Don Munro

Don has Lived in Rossmoyne with his wife and three daughters since 1968.  He initially was working as a pilot for Ansett  then worked in many countries worldwide.

Currently his interests lean toward a focus on the environment and is actively involved in traffic management, power generation, waste management and responsible and transparent management of the Canning River system.  


Robert Suann

Resident Rossmoyne 49 years, RRSRA Member 35 years.

Invested Cub Scout 1939. 70 years later full time Property Officer Scouts WA.

Along the way Catalytic Plant Head Operator, Licenced Real Estate Principal, Licenced Valuer, Machinery Agent, Farmer Developer, and 53 Years a Justice of the Peace.

 Is within the City of Canning City infill supporting effective development of the Rossmoyne, Riverton, and Shelley precincts.

Plus the issue of lack of regional  Public Space Reserved Land with prospect City of Canning has lost its way with regard to responsibility for the Swan Canning Riverpark development Control Area Foreshore, Shelley Beach Rossmoyne, and uncertainty for Tuscan Street Village – Bowling green and Tennis Courts future development directions.