‘Future Foot Path / Walking Needs’

Residents are planned to connect into the City of Canning JACOBS’ Path Network – Transperth Bus/Rail, Local Community Centre’s, Schools, Kindergarten, Recreation Areas, Public open Space, Tennis / Bowls Shops, Hall, Aged care facilities etc. The Connecting link is located at the intersect of Leach Highway and Webb Street Transperth Bus stop / Overhead Bridge access to Rossmoyne Senior High School and Keith Road. The future For Residents is linking existing Pathways back from established Facilities.

JACOBS’ Cycling and Walking Plan Final was delivered 18 September 2017. In the adopted Plan the City recognises increasing cycling and walking will result in lower levels of driving which will lead to a range of societal benefits including reduced congestion, improved social cohesion, improved levels of health and fitness, plus economic and environmental benefits across the region. The Vision Cycling and walking will be a safe, attractive and viable travel option between Neighbourhoods and destinations within the City of Canning and beyond.

Underlying this plan is the City Administrative: PATHS POLICY No: ET503. Adopted and last reviewed May 2009. The Objective being to provide, in residential streets, a footpath or shared path, connected to the existing system of paths as defined within the City.

The City will determine:

  1. Location of Paths; the width, the side of the Street for Construction, the route of the paths to be constructed across reserves and where a single path is constructed the path shall be constructed on the side containing street lighting.
  2. Alignment of Paths for various classes of streets, unless otherwise approved:
  3. Footpaths Access Roads – 1.8m on Kerb, Local Distributor Roads (<3000 Vehicles/Day) Minimum 2.0m on kerb, Local Distributor Roads (>5000 Vehicles/ Day) Minimum 2.0m on boundary and District Distributor + Higher a minimum. 1.5m on Boundary.
  4. Shared Paths Access Roads – 2.3m on kerb, Local Distributor Roads (<5000 Vehicles/ Day) Minimum 1.8m on kerb, Local Distributor Roads (>3000 Vehicles/Day) Minimum 1.5m on boundary and District Distributor Roads. 2.0m on Boundary and on recreation and transport routes be. 3.0m if located on a Boundary.
  5. Where a path is approved by Executive Engineering & Technical Services. Located on the kerb it shall be increased in width by 0.3m over width required on boundary.

RRSRA in support of Council’s Objective and Vision, has established a Sub-Committee to review existing pathway networks within RIVERTON. ROSSMOYNE and SHELLEY Localities and seeks Association Members and Resident written input and ideas/comments on this matter for inclusion in feedback to City Administration.
Robert Suann
RRSRA Committee

Speed Limits Within The City

Many of our residents living on Riverton Drive have expressed their concerns for many years over the volume and speed of traffic on this roadway.  Past approaches from Riverton, Rossmoyne & Shelley Residents’ Association (RRSRA) to the City Administration have been disappointing as we have been advised that speed limits are primarily a State Government matter with limited influence from the Local Government body. An additional request for ‘traffic calming’ installations has not been investigated or studied to our knowledge.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 17th September 2019, Cr Saberi successfully moved a motion calling on a review of speed limits within the City.  Over the next year, the City will be reviewing its Integrated Transport Strategy and evaluating current road safety performance around Activity Centres and key locations (including school zones and train station precincts).

The Association will again make every endeavor to present a case for the review of speed limits within the Bannister Ward and in particular the ‘speedway’ of Riverton Drive.

Residents and Ratepayers who have concerns over speed hazards within their locations should bring them to the notice of the Ward Councillor and RRSRA to ensure they are captured in the forthcoming review.

26th September 2019