Shelley Beach Masterplans


RRSRA Concept Masterplan

The RRSRA Masterplan has been designed to optimise the use of Public Open Space for multiple, different user groups along with improving the natural Environment of the Area.

The focus of the master plan is on free family fun, great playgrounds lots of shade and picnic options with continued park accessibility to multiple users. Providing adequate car parking was a major factor in developing the RRSRA plan and parking has been restricted to the perimeter of the park.

A mobile coffee van is considered the best solution as a large, commercial coffee shop would displace current park users through a lack of parking as has occurred at Dome at Deep Water Point.

This plan recognizes the importance that Shelley Beach Park remains Public Open Space and that no area will be developed and then leased to a third party commercial entity.

The RRSRA Masterplan has been designed to give residents the opportunity to give effective feedback to Council after the City of Canning has released its three Masterplans for Shelley Beach.

The RRSRA Plan recognises this area is recreational river reserve and belongs to the Swan River Trust but under the management of the City of Canning

Environmental Improvements
The RRSRA recognise that this stretch of river is more than just a park; it is part of the green corridor that stretches along the Canning River connecting Yagan Park with the Canning River Regional Park.

We believe it should be developed with the same guiding principles as the umbrella document the Shelley-Rossmoyne Foreshore Management Plan and we have made it a priority to improve the environmental factors.

In the RRSRA concept Masterplan, the large storm water pipe under the jetty has been removed and shortened.  It will now emerge closer to the road as a Living Stream and will be planted with reeds and sedge plants.

The living stream will not only be visually pleasing but also will have the added benefit of removing nutrients from run-off reaching the river. The living stream will be crossed using a decorative and functional bridge near the river.

Stable reeds and sedge along the foreshore in low-lying areas prone to seasonal inundation, will be infill planted and strengthened.

The open grassland will be enhanced by planting groups of native trees and understory plantings that define the spaces whilst also providing shade, increasing habitat, increasing biodiversity, providing ecological linkage and counteracting the heat island effect. This planting will dovetail with the City of Canning Urban Forest Strategy.

Trees will be planted along the perimeter of the park to enhance the streetscape and increase biodiversity. All large established trees except Causarina glauca will be retained. Some Causarina glauca will be selectively removed and replaced with indigenous trees to create additional habitat and food sources for birds. Other Causarina glauca will be under pruned to improve area functionality and views of the river.

Some areas between the outer path and the river will have turf removed and be replace with low-lying native vegetation. This will enhance the habitat buffer and reduce unwanted nutrient run off.

The path near the bubble-up pit will be relocated slightly and turf replaced with sedge grass.  This will help remove nutrients and reduce erosion caused by overland water flowing across the grass then across the beach.

The ecologically sensitive bird resting and foraging area near Grecian’s Spit (identified Natural Habitat Area in Shelley-Rossmoyne Foreshore Management Plan) has been deliberately kept clear of picnic tables or BBQs to minimize disturbance of wildlife. Additional tree plantings are planned to buffer resting birds from human disturbance.

A large area of poor quality turf will be replaced by native ground covers to increase habitat and biodiversity. With luck this will see birds like honey eaters returning to the park

A proposed Nature Playground will encourage future generations to connect with nature and the environment.

User Groups
Children have always been the major users of public open space. As rezoning and infill makes backyards a thing of the past, the future generations will increasingly rely on public open space as a place for their children to play.

The RRSRA Masterplan has a playground over three times larger than the current size making larger equipment like a flying fox possible. Design and equipment for this playground will be achieved through Community Consultation. The playground should be shaded with sails so that it can be used without children being sunburnt.

The RRSRA Masterplan also has a nature play area surrounded by low-lying native groundcovers and partially shaded by native trees. This area is for smaller children who can have the opportunity to play within a natural environment, to explore and use their imaginations. It will also provide seating under shady trees where Mums and Dads can sit while the little ones play.

The RRSRA Masterplan acknowledges that older children (between 12-18) need a separate zone to smaller children to enjoy. The RRSRA proposed Youth Zone includes volleyball net (Rossmoyne Senior High is a Volleyball school), foursquare courts, table tennis and areas to relax. The area also includes a gazebo and BBQ where young people can meet and eat.

It is essential that this area remains open for community events such as the Fireworks. The RRSRA Masterplan ensures there is a large grassed area big enough to accommodate crowds, food trucks and the stage for future events.

Event parking has been increased on the RRSRA Masterplan by removing the pine log barrier and improving turf quality through soil amelioration and irrigation.

Exercise stations are a popular request by the community and will not be right next to the playground. The equipment will be scattered as stations around the grassed area of the park. People exercising can use a station and then run or walk to the next station as a circuit.

Exercise equipment will be decided after community input because some equipment is much more functional than others.

Coffee drinkers
Those wishing to enjoy drinking coffee will be able to do so with a mobile coffee van/food truck. It is planned that a mobile coffee van is parked in a central area and surrounded by removable seating.

The van parking area can be constructed of artificial green coloured base which when the van / food trucks are not there will blend seamlessly into the park.

People wanting to enjoy a coffee or a snack in the park do not need a shop in which to sit but can enjoy the outdoor seating provided by benches gazebos and furniture on the Decks near the beach.

Picnics and BBQs
Families enjoying picnics and BBQs have always been a major user group at Shelley Beach Park. They will be well catered for with four gazebos and nearby BBQs. Initially we intended to have passive BBQs and seating but felt this was restrictive. Many people picnic and BBQ throughout the year with differing weather conditions so we opted for gazebos with Picnic tables that provide both shelter and shade.

This plan recognizes that shade and shelter is an immediate need and can not wait decades for trees to establish. In 15 or 20 years time when the large shade trees have established some gazebos can be removed if desired.

Restaurant Patrons
The RRSRA Masterplan does not include a Restaurant or Formal Commercial coffee shop, as it would be in direct competition with the Tribute café less than 500m away from the playground. People wanting a formal dining experience can travel 500m to the Tribute Café and then walk back to the park. Those needing a river view with their dining experience need only travel 2 kilometers to Lo Quay or to the Dome at Deep Water Point.

We have It has been independently calculated that if the parking were equivalent to parking available to Lo Quay (100 spaces) then it would be impossible to limit Car parking to the Perimeter of the park.

A large car park within the Park was considered but was seen as environmentally, aesthetically and functionally undesirable.

Shelley Beach Park already has parking problems on busy days and the additional parking provided in the RRSRA Masterplan is only enough to accommodate increased usage from other facilities like the larger playground, increased shade picnic options and Youth Zone.

Extended family Social Events and Birthday parties.
The RRSRA plan has one larger Gazebo, which can seat up to 20 people on picnic style benches with a nearby BBQ.

Shelley Beach Park often sees large extended family groups come together as well as clubs and other community groups. Having one extra large gazebo and table caters for these groups.

Sailing Club
The sailing club needs a cosmetic lift and a little more storage. In the RRSRA master plan the Sailing Club building and access ways to the river off the grassed area and informal trailer parking are retained.

The area around the sailing club will remain grassed and irrigated as it is a popular picnicking spot and dolphin spotting area on days the club is not operating.

Dog Zone
The Dog zone is retained on the RRSRA plan and has an additional water source for dogs and a drinking fountain for park users to be established. The parking available on Watersby Crescent allows dog owners from further away wishing to use the dog beach direct access to the Dog Zone.

The RRSRA plan has 2 major paths. The outer path will be the shorter route and made for commuting and faster cyclists. The two-path system will reduce conflicts between fast moving bikes and slower walkers, people walking dogs and pushing prams.

The inner path will be a more scenic but slower route for people wanting to go for a stroll, kids on scooters and slow cyclists. The interpretation nodes outlining information will remain to provide information to park users as this has been noted an important link with the local area.

The RRSRA master plan includes a gopher recharging station near the toilet block. This will allow disabled and elderly people to recharge their electric vehicles so that they can enjoy the park. Recharging also allows people to travel to the park from longer distances with the knowledge that they can recharge and still have enough charge to get home. Other facilities will be made inclusive where possible

Shelley Beach Park is a social meeting spot for elderly people who want to got for a stroll and be sociable. Several areas of the park have been left as quiet places where the elderly can chat and stroll surrounded by nature. Memorial park benches will remain undisturbed.

Recreational fishing
The fishing platform will be retained including the fishing line disposal bins.

Running Club
The extra large Gazebo is an ideal area for running groups to gather and meet. The Informal parking is available for large fun run events. Improved paths will ensure that running groups are well catered for.

Stand up paddleboard hire
The Stand up paddleboards would remain at its present location however the Van would park outside of the park after dropping off the boards and advertising flags be placed near the road.

Informal Sports
The RRSRA Masterplan will upgrade the irrigation and ameliorate degraded turf allowing for greener grass to play ball sports. The plan also includes a set of Junior Football posts and soccer net. The informal event parking will be an ideal place for a game of Beach cricket or to kick a footy around.

We should be aiming to provide a greener area for all to enjoy playing games and ball sports.

The RRSRA concept MasterPlan acknowledges that the vast majority of residents are already content with their park and love that it is peaceful, spacious and uncluttered. It is vital that any masterplan does not change the atmosphere or character of the park but instead reinforces and improves what the area already offers.

The park is already used regularly and is not in need of activation through the introduction of a Commercial Restaurant/Coffee shop. Instead the RRSRA Masterplan focuses on improving amenities for the people who already use the park especially for families and children.

Commercial coffee shop parking takes up a lot of space. Lo Quay has over 100 car parking spaces available to its patrons. It is not a good use of Open Public Space to establish a coffee shop, alfresco, service road and associated parking when an existing & successful coffee shop is less than 500m away.

The Environment needs to be a Priority and remain an integral part of any future development to this Public Open Space.

The RRSRA Masterplan is the best plan for a balance usage of this irreplaceable Public Open Space.

Richard Aldridge
23rd December 2019 & 13th January 2020

View plans below or download here and here.

and Lasest master plan RRSRA 2 pdf


Shelley Beach Park Masterplan Environmental Improvements


Shelley Beach Park Masterplan Recreational Improvements