News Update

2019 AGM President’s Report

I would like to welcome our current members and invited guests, thank you for attending the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Riverton, Rossmoyne & Shelley Residents’ Association.

As the year is rapidly coming to a close and we are all finding we have more things to do and less time to do, it in my intention is to provide you with a brief overview of the Associations’ achievements for 2019 and where we are heading in 2020.

First and foremost, I would like to thank the RRSRA committee, who have once again given of their time and expertise to make this a better place to live. Many of the committee members have been long standing and have a wealth of history and knowledge that we can draw on and our newer members have bought renewed enthusiasm, energy and fresh eyes. Thank you all.

The RRSRA’s Achievements for 2019:

Street Verge Permits

I would suggest that one of our greatest achievements for 2019 has been the review of the use of verges in the local area – the formalising of the verge permits process, clearer instructions on the City of Canning website, negotiating an on-going process to manage the use of verges by al! the relevant stakeholders. My sincere thanks go to Stephen Johnston for his thorough research, presentation to Council and continued engagement with the City of Canning to ensure the proposal had relevance.

Footpath Audit

This is a work in progress, but members of our Committee have been undertaking an audit of the footpaths in the local area to ensure that it meets the future needs of the Community. There are competing demands for appropriate footpaths to cover the needs of walkers, cyclists, prams, gophers with a vast range of ages – the very young to the very old all members of our Community who need to be accommodated.

The Audit team are looking at the current provision and future needs with regards to access to major thoroughfares such as transport and retail precincts to ensure all our residents have access appropriate to their requirements. Particularly in view of the redevelopment in the area which will without doubt change the current demographic quite significantly. lt is anticipated that this report will be available in the New Year. ‘

Shelley Foreshore

This is without question the jewel in our crown and makes the place where we live so special, and l am sure you are all aware we have a very divided community on how to best use this space in the future – better recreation spaces, more trees restaurants/coffee shops, additional parking while managing a fragile environment and struggling waterways.

The RRSRA has been actively involved with the Community Workshops organised by the City of Canning to ensure the Associations’ members views have been presented. We have aligned ourselves with the “Save Shelley Beach Park Community Group” to strengthen the support for the preservation of the environment. We have very fortunately gained a driving force of the Save the Shelley Foreshore group in Mr. Richard Aldridge who I am very happy to say joined our Committee in 2019 and will again be with us in 2020.

Richard has already demonstrated his passion in effectively managing this very special part of the world by measured and well researched arguments to the Consultants, City of Canning Administration and Councillors and I am happy to say he’s on our side.

The RRSRA has gone viral.

You may or may not be aware but the RRSRA has actively engaged with social media. We are now engaging with 4 Facebook community web pages-:

  • Riverton Rossmoyne Shelley community page
  • I love Shelley
  • I love Rossmoyne
  • ! love Riverton.

This has directly attributed to increased traffic to the RRSRA website, doubling in the last three months.

This has presented the opportunity for people in the community to see and hear what the RRSRA represents and what we are doing – it has also enabled the Association to have exposure to approx. 2000 residents. As with all organisations with the will to survive we see our next step as launching our own Facebook page – what can I say “stay tuned” we are looking forward to leaping into the new age.

What’s Next

To ensure that the RRSRA continues to grow and represent it’s residents with relevance, we as an Association believe it is time to look at our future directions and what we need to do to ensure our continued existence and how best we can serve our members.

So, our priorities for 2O2O are:

  1. Significantly increasing our membership and to ensure it is inclusive and representative of the local community both within its membership and the committee.
  2. Review our current practices to ensure that our processes and procedures are current, effective and work in the best interest of the community we represent and to also develop effective practices that will provide better communication channels between the Committee and our Members.
  3. Choose our projects. Without question the most important issue is ensuring that we provide an effective and appropriate response to the Shelley Beach foreshore project. This I would suggest is a priority and I would ask now that our members engage as actively as possible over the next 12 months particularly. At the end of the day this goes to the ongoing quality of our life and that of future generations.
  4. While we see this as a high priority it does not mean it is our sole project and we would very much like to hear from our members to provide direction on what they see as priorities.

We have lot of business to get through until we get to the supper table so I will finish. Again, I would like to thank the committee:

  • Don Munro
  • Tim Brook – A special thanks goes to Tim Brook who has worn many hats this year but in particular for his role as acting secretary – his efforts have been most appreciated.
  • Bill Young
  • Peter Agar
  • Robert Suann
  • Stephen Johnston – thank you for all your efforts this year and all good wishes for your future endeavours. Steve has withdrawn from the committee because he thinks he’s going to retire.
  • Richard Aldridge
  • Gail Barbera

I would also like to thank our Members for their continued support and look forward to building our numbers, so we are a representative force for the Riverton, Rossmoyne and Shelley community.
Peter Clayton
11th November 2019