As a concerned resident I would like to inform local residents who may not be aware of the soon to be approved development at 48 Corinthian Road Rossmoyne.

The proposed development involves the building of 2 dwellings on a subdivided duplex block.

One house has 7 beds and 7 WC (toilets) the other 5 beds and 5 WC.

With 12 bedrooms between the 2 houses and with a toilet to bedroom ratio of 1:1 there may be >+12 cars to park. The parking provisions therefore may be inadequate and could lead to cars spilling up and down the street, causing hazards including restrictions in sightlines, which is particularly hazardous on a corner site where the development will take place. Not to mention aggravation and frustration to the adjacent neighbours.

For those locals who are not immediately impacted – you will be soon as infill cuts and divides more and more blocks and developers leverage off the Rossmoyne high school zone.

While it is possible that a single family will need that many beds and toilets per building it is rather unusual and without guarantees to the contrary it would be possible that the site may be developed for other purposes such as an unofficial hotel or hostel – Note: This is purely speculation.

The City has stated that:
“If a dwelling is being used as per the definition of Residential Building (as opposed to a dwelling) but does not have the correct approval for such a use, then the City’s Compliance Department would work with the land owner to either reduce the occupancy to ensure compliance with its existing approvals or for the correct City approvals to be required to be applied for”

In other words, once the development starts construction the horse has bolted, and a precedent will have been set for the area.

For those not aware the following table shows the increase in scale.

When an application is made under the Residential Design Codes for a dwelling (grouped or single) and is approved by the City, this approval allows for the dwelling to be used by a single family. If a dwelling is being used temporarily by two or more persons; or permanently by seven or more persons, who do not comprise a single family then the dwelling needs to be reclassed as a Residential Building as per the definition of the R Codes.

The question we pose as impacted residents: – Is the combined 12 bed 12 toilet proposal a residential building or 2 single family dwellings?-If 7 bedrooms and toilets in one building is ok why not 15? Where is the line drawn?

The boundaries will be constantly pushed following this approval and you may be impacted next and at a larger scale.

The intent of this note is to get the word out there and to explore the consequences of such a development for impacted residents. If we do see evidence that multiple unrelated persons live there and that >+12 cars are parked up and down the street following a unilateral approval by the City’s Planning Dept, we need to be sure the city has the means to remedy the situation as I believe, unfortunately, this approval is a foregone conclusion.

This application should be debated at a council meeting not unilaterally approved by the planning dept.

A petition will follow to gather community support/input on this matter.

All information on this page is the opinion of a concerned ratepayer Matt