September 2020


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Spring has Sprung!

How wonderful to start to see the change of season and Spring is peeping over the horizon with all colour and vibrancy that it brings. On a recent visit to wildflower country it was so energizing to see the carpets of everlastings and the splashes of brilliant yellow wattle and bright greens of the bush it was a great reminder of the beautiful landscape that is in our own backyard.

Speaking of our own backyard, even closer to home I had a walk through our own Rossmoyne Park and it is looking spectacular – The kangaroo paws are outstanding and there is also some beautiful carpets of everlastings so even if you can’t do Wildflower country this year treat yourself to a walk in the park – infact take a thermos and sit and listen to the birds, and enjoy the fabulous splash of colour. Don’t wait to long it is at its peak right now!

You will not be disappointed.

Sneaky peak at some of the stunning wildflowers at Rossmoyne Park


In 2018 the RRSRA committee prepared and presented a submission to the City of Canning and successfully had the then existing verge permit modified which made them easier to locate and to understand. The Council adopted approx 80% of the recommendations, and it was felt there was a great collaboration between both parties.
In a recent audit undertaken by the Committee of local development it was observed that there appeared to be more non compliance with regards to the appropriate management of the street verges. A report including addresses and photographs was undertaken and forwarded to the City of Canning outlining in some instances the blatant lack of safety and obvious non compliance. The outcome was most gratifying, the city’s response was quick, it had been thoroughly investigated and action taken to the 5 out of 10 properties that were non compliant was addressed within the week, all of which was reported back to the RRSRA.
As a follow on, all residents can take action if they see builders/ developers or building sites not taking care regarding managing the verges, ensuring that the area is kept safe and access is not obstructed.
It is a very simple process, all you need to do is:

For more information regarding the use of verges and the report sent through to the City of Canning by the RRSRA go to:

We can all play a role in ensuring our area is kept safe and accessible.

What’s happening along this lazy river where the riverboats, the canoeists, the paddle boarders, the fishermen, the cyclists, the birdlife, the dogs and the families go…..

Local Matters


Q: When is a Bowling Club not just a Bowling Club?

One Club that is well entrenched in the local community has to be the Rossmoyne Bowling Club. There is so much on offer for all ages and interest levels:
For the Bowlers or the would be’s there is the full gambit – from pennants to scroungers/corporate bowls on every day of the week and also includes a full time coach.
For those that like the idea of bowls but perhaps lean toward the social side of life there is the fabulous Sunday Dinner with live music or the many other social events on offer. You will find a fully equipped bar and excellent facilities and they even have a special membership JUST for the socially inclined!
Many community groups have and do take advantage of these facilities like Probus, Zumba (for the young at heart) school groups and be there on the right night and you could even hear the sounds of a practicing string quartet.
Another great initiative that will be commencing shortly is an increase in the current recycling program. The Club’s newspaper recycling program will be extended to cans and bottles so look out for the bin at the front of the Club and do your bit to save the world!
If it’s something you have always wanted to try there will be a coach available for free, are looking for an appropriate facility for an event or activity, or would like to broaden your social circles and still stay local this is a great place to start.
For further information go to:


So, back to my original question?

A: When its the Rossmoyne Bowling Club (of course)

We Pack it -We send it

At Pack & Send Canning Vale, we specialise in a personal service that is tailored to your packaging and freight needs with many flexible options. Our goal is to save you time, trouble, money and most importantly your peace of mind when sending anything to anywhere, by anywhere we mean we have the resources and expertise to deliver to (and pick up from) virtually any location globally including picking up from your front door! Or if you would prefer, you’re welcome to drop it off to us at 2/9 Yampi Way, Willetton. We can send personal effects, artworks, antiques, crockery, and anything valuable or sentimental via air, road or sea domestically and internationally. We can also help with interstate furniture removals as well providing a fulfilment service to businesses. We offer a professional packing service and our favourite thing to do is pack the really awkward and eccentric objects that no other transport company wants to touch such as porcelain figurines, mirrors, ceramics, glass framed pictures and big sculptures. If you have a logistical problem, we’re here to solve it.

Please contact us on 08 6154 6988 or


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