Builders and developers are allowed to use the verge but need to have a valid Verge permit and to adhere to the verge permit conditions.

If you think a builder in your street is not complying with the verge permit restrictions contact the City of Canning  email Attn: Compliance. or compliance services Ph: 1300 422 664.

Make sure you include a street address to make it easy for their compliance officer to check the site.  Adding a photo in your email makes it easier for compliance to judge and visualize the complaint.

Our experience with complaints has been professional fast and friendly.

  1. Where there is no footpath all materials must be a meter away from the Curb.Where there is a footpath material and rubbish must be 0.5 meters away from the Curb
  2. The footpath can not be obstructed.


3.Toilets must be on the building site and not on the verge

4 .Street trees must be protected at all times and building materials more than 2 meters from the street trees trunk

5. Building materials including sand and dirt must not get into the drainage system

6. Building activity of any kind is prohibited on the verge. This includes mixing cement, cutting bricks and assembling materials.

7. Rubbish must be contained and coveredNot obstructing blind corners with skips just common sense.

8. Vehicles and trailers must not block footpaths under any circumstances.

9. Permit holders must have public liability insurance.

10.  All builders need a current Verge permit.

The above is just the most commonly observed breaches of verge permits that we have observed.  There are other rules as well and we recommend you read.