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At the risk of repeating myself we have been lucky enough to receive a grant from the City of Canning which has allowed us to update our Website: This upgrade will make it easier for members of the community to learn more about the RRSRA and join up. .

We have added a Gallery page which will allow our members to enjoy different aspects of the great area we live in and hopefully contribute some of their interests as well. We thought we would run some specific topics of interest areas and our members could send in photo’s that we can display in the Gallery – like a mini exhibition – what do you think? More information coming soon!

We are in serious recruitment mode – if we consider ourselves an Association that represents and reflects the community ideals our membership needs to be representative of that community. We currently have the perfect opportunity to offer prospective members a year free membership, we are able to expand our communications through our social media platforms and we have our current members to please spread the word your personal recommendation outweighs any other form of promotion.And to finish we would like to welcome our new members:
1. Bree Downsborough “Inked and Etched”
2. Malcolm Teo
3. Matthew and Krystyn O’Brien
4. Mark Stickells
5. Jane & Phil Barker
6. Charles Sunita
7. Melanie Hawkes

If you have any queries please contact me:


1. Saving the Lemon Scented Gums – The RRSRA has worked closely with other local groups to ensure that the developers do not get permission to remove the Australian native trees. – Happy to say the Trees have been saved!!
2. Relief for Ratepayers – The Mayor of Canning announced a 16.5 million dollar covid relief initial this month, however under closer scrutiny the RRSRA feels there is very little relief for the average residential ratepayer infact it is felt that in these very difficult times it looks like the City will receive the same in rates as last year – it really is quite disappointing.
3.  Playground equipment upgrade -On a positive note The playground equipment at the Shelley Beach Foreshore will finally be replaced. After some attempts to have the broken equipment repaired it was discovered that the manufacturer of the equipment had gone out of business and so it is decided it will be replaced within the next three weeks. We all agree this is a great idea however what would be an even better idea would be for the City of Canning to have a look at other local authorities and what they are doing for young families and public open space overall all play areas could do with a serious upgrade.


Members of the RRSRA Committee recently met with Director, Warren Bow and Executive Manager Parks & Place, Dion Johnson to gain a greater understanding of what is felt to be some key elements of the Shelley Beach Foreshore Masterplan. Some concerns that had been expressed were with regards to population growth particularly in relation to visitor parking, public amenities and the living stream.

The City said that it is difficult to predict numbers of visitors a developed space may attract and difficult to compare Lo Quay and a developed Shelley Beach Park at this stage.
The Committee believe it is reasonable to assume that due to it’s better views and surrounding that a Restaurant / coffee shop at Shelley Beach park would be busier.

The City has planned the design of Shelley Beach Park to future proof the growth and infill of the community being guided by population / demographic forecasts.
The Committee remains concerned that any major reduction of public open space will cause the open public space area per house ratio falling below the Cities own policy guidelines.

The City points out the three masterplans are only conceptual at this stage and impact into the reserve has not been measured
The Committee is concerned about reduction of public open space due to additional parking requirements particularly the parking requirements of a commercial restaurant /coffeeshop.

The City states it has no set car parking bay per development of Public Open Space requirements. The Masterplans are not car centric and hopefully enables other modes of transport to the park, it is felt that given the number of bays available and the other options available for members of the public to arrive at this destination there will be enough.
The Committee recognizes that arriving by car is not environmentally ideal but realistically this is still how most families travel for a day out to the park if they are not within walking or cycling distance. The optimistic travel by other means strategy has not worked at Lo Quay or the Dome coffee shop and both these locations have major current parking issues.

The City notes it cannot call it a living stream.
The Committee recognizes what is marked on masterplans as a living stream is in fact a decorative water feature with no environmental benefit.

The City’s administration does not have a preference of options, it does however acknowledge how tired and old the park is and would like to see it upgraded.
The Committee agrees. It would be nice for the park to have more shade more BBQ’s more picnic options and better playground

How long do we need to wait until the decisions are made and plans start to roll out? The City’s representatives felt that it would go to council in September and then the fun begins.

What’s happening along this lazy river where the riverboats, the canoeists, the paddle boarders, the fishermen, the dogs and the birdlife, and the families go…..
Local Matters


Rossmoyne Community Singers is a non-audition ladies choir, who always love to welcome new members. From small beginnings all those years ago at Rossmoyne SHS when the then Director of Music at the school asked interested parents and community members to come along and form a choir, the choir have gone from strength to strength and sing at many events within the community, the City of Canning and also their own concerts.

Musical Director Harry Oliff has chosen a wonderful varied repertoire for this year, and Jackson Griggs will keep everyone in tune as the choir’s accompanist. Both Harry and Jackson are highly accomplished musicians and singers and very sought after in the Perth music scene. We are so lucky to have them as our music team and they bring their fabulous skills to the Rossmoyne Choir each week.

Rossmoyne Community Singers also suspended rehearsals for a period of 4 months but are so pleased to announce that we are back in business (with social distancing J) and ladies, would love to hear you voice!!

Rossmoyne Community Singers rehearse on Monday nights during the school term, 7:00 – 9:00pm at St Andrews Church Hall, 37 Bernier Rd, Shelley.
Members need only a love of singing and commitment to rehearsal…..and have many laughs along the way.

It’s lots of fun and members range in age from early 30s to quite mature!!

They also have a smaller ensemble group Strike A Chord and auditions for this group are held as and when vacancies occur.
For more information or to join the choir please contact Leonie via email on or mobile 0419 471 583

Summit Osteopathy celebrates it’s one year anniversary in September. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of the community at the Shelley Hub. 

Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine that looks at the body as one unit. Our bodies are complex network of interrelated systems and we find that the body can respond well to being treated as such. Osteopaths focus on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function as one whole entity.
We are interested in examining the global view of the body, regardless of the location of discomfort. As an example, if someone comes to us with lower back pain- we will look at the mechanics of the lower back, hips, knees, ankles etc.
We have 3 osteopaths and a remedial massage therapist at Summit Osteopathy. We see patients of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. We don’t see children under the age of 6. We’re open Monday-Friday and offer before and after hour appointments. For more information, online bookings and to contact us, head to the website