RRSRA Newsletter
Covid 19 Edition. (May 2020)

Dear Members,

We hope that this edition finds you all well and safe and have adjusted to this period of daily updates, social distancing and finding our “new” normal. Who would have ever thought that we would be having this kind of a conversation – a very unsettling start to 2020 with no end in sight in the near future.

However, life albeit very different goes on, we very fortunately live in a very special part of the world, we have a great community who have not hesitated to reach out to people in need and offered help in all forms. We are bordered by the beauty of the Canning River and surrounds that provides clean, restful and scenic views and activity that we can enjoy and take out minds off this very stressful time. We have parks and beautiful green space that we that we can all enjoy. It must also be noted that these areas have never been so well utilised – there is people everywhere – which is wonderful.

Committee Business – not so as usual.

The Bad News
We have again had changes in the RRSRA committee, Peter Clayton has resigned as President. Peter has been experiencing some health problems and felt that he needed to cut back on some of his commitments to get well. Thanks for everything Peter, look after yourself and hope you’re back on your game in the very near future.

The Good News
At the last Meeting the committee passed a motion that Peter continue to act as a committee member which he has agreed to do.
Until we are able to resume our “normal business” practices Richard Aldridge, currently Vice President will assume the position of Acting President.

The Brave New World News
Given our current living conditions and the general age of the committee we have agreed to go into recess for the time being. To be clear, it means that the committee won’t be undertaking its usual meetings however, we will still be working on our projects and would still like to hear from our members with any issues or concerns they may have.
We hope to be adopting more current methods of communication such as online practices, document sharing, video links so watch this space…..We are all on a learning curve.

Don’t forget if you have any issues or concerns we would very much like to hear from you. Click on the link secretary@rrsra.onmicrosoft.com .

Acting President
Richard Aldridge

Local Government Elections
 Amanda Spencer Teo is our newly elected representative for the Bannister Ward. .
The Riverton, Rossmoyne & Shelley Resident Association congratulates Amanda on her success and look forward to Amanda’s participation in Council and  particularly the support of our Ward. The Association acknowledges and thanks all the Candidates  for their participation in the our Local Government Election process.

Meet Amanda Spencer Teo

(Extract from ‘Your New Look Bannister Bulletin’)
Hello and thank you to all those residents who supported my campaign throughout the recent By-election. It certainly is surreal in these times. Whilst I enjoyed meeting many constituents throughout my campaign I am saddened that I can meet more of you in person given the current climate.
For those of you who do not know me, I have lived in the City of Canning for over 10 years. I lived in Parkwood for many years with my three dogs and moved to Rossmoyne in 2015 with my husband and young family of four children. Our children attend schools in Rossmoyne and Willetton and I have been active in our local Community for several years.
What I love most about the City of Canning is its connection to the Community. Many residents who live here have done so for many years and the new families and
I am very happy to have a fellow Councillor like Ben Kunze and it is an honour to be involved in bringing the news to our local residents together. I first met Ben at the Rossmoyne Community Kindergarten where he assisted us with the local member endorsement aspect of the Grant application for upgrading the Kindergarten Playground.
Following this, and co-incidentally the teachers at the Kindy were looking to install Cockatoo Nesting Boxes at the Kindy and I was successful in obtaining in excess of $20,000 in grant funding for the project. Ben assisted with the Council liaison and approval process and also assisted installing the boxes. It was then we realised our passion for Community and Conservation were alike.
I certainly look forward to advocating for the Bannister Ward residents and assisting the many Community and Sporting Clubs that make up our wonderful Community.
Councillor Amanda Spencer-Teo

Coffee Point 1907
A trip down memory lane……

Shelley Sailing Club.
Did You Know …….-

The area of Riverton/Rossmoyne/Shelley bounded by Leach Highway and the Canning River is home to several significant sporting groups and I would like to talk about the Shelley Sailing Club (SSC).  Maybe some of our members might like to bring us up to speed on the history of the other sporting and interest groups in the area.
The SSC is located on Prisoner Point, off Watersby Crescent.  Did you know that this point was earlier named Mumms Point?  The club’s formation in early 1975 was more akin to a christening, the “birth” occurring the previous year.  The folklore of the opening – relayed directly by one of the characters in the tale – is that three members, Tony Quayle, David Hartley and Mal Hoare met, in their sailing dinghies, from opposite ends of the Shelley basin one Sunday afternoon.
The three had the logical idea that the time was opportune for a race.  Naturally, sailing is more fun in company, and this event led to further informal meetings on the foreshore, with more locals dropping down for a look (later to join).  As time passed, the trappings of club-hood were accumulated – a constitution was drafted in 1975, Y.A.W.A. affiliation in August 1975 and so on.  Accommodation in these times was a tent erected near where the current toilet block stands.
Negotiations with the then Swan River Conservation Board eventuated in a lease arrangement and a more permanent club scene was established through negotiations with the City of Canning for a license to utilise the current site.  A boatshed/start-box was erected on the lease site in 1981.
The club enjoyed a clubrooms spirit by erecting a shade area (affectionately known as the blue tarp) beside the Boatshed on sailing days. However this was not quite so comfortable or desirable for the large membership and so negotiations again occurred, fundraising ensued and the current clubhouse was built by the membership in the off season of 1994.  These clubrooms were opened in October 1994 and provide club facilities to the sailing members during the summer sailing season. During the off season the building is utilised by the Canning River Canoe Club.
Peter Agar

A Little Bit of History…

This Association (RRSRA) was originally formed in January 1985 and named Canning River Ward Association (Inc).  The Association was initially formed by a group of aggrieved ratepayers to advocate for a change in the method of rating properties within the then Shire of Canning.  Rates at that time were levied on the unimproved capital value of the land and properties along the riverfront were grossly disadvantaged, on a fee for service basis, to those in the lower capital value allotments.
The original Committee comprised Roger Fitzhardinge (deceased) as President and John Hayes as Secretary.  The name of the Vice President, Treasurer and Committee Members has yet to be discovered and I am endeavoring to locate historical records that will provide this information.  However  we are happy to say that many of our founding members still remain faithful members.
In forming the Constitution, the founders were acutely aware of the perceived ‘silver tails’ image of those who had secured a property on the riverfront and were advocating for relief from excessive rates.
At the Annual General Meeting in 1992 the agenda included the change of name to Riverton, Rossmoyne & Shelley Residents’ Association (Inc).  This was brought about by the changes to Ward Boundaries within the City of Canning, the creation of Beeliar Ward and the formation of the Willetton Ratepayers’ Association.
With the revised and renamed Wards and boundaries within the City of Canning, effective from the commencement of the newly elected Council in October 2015, the Ward represented is, principally, Bannister.  The geographical boundaries for membership of the Association are now defined by the suburbs of Riverton, Rossmoyne and Shelley.
The Constitution was further amended in September 2017 to comply with the revised requirements of The Associations Incorporation Act 2015.
Tim Brook
Peter Agar & Tim Brook

So, Time for a recap.
The RRSRA has been working away on several projects over the past month or two, which has been important to the local community, so here is some information you may find helpful.

Webb Street & Leach Hwy Project
This intersection has been identified as part of the Main Roads Black Spot Program  and the above concept plan was provided to the RRSRA and approved by the City of Canning.  The Plan includes an extra right turn lane from the Webb Street into Leach Hwy and improvements to the left turn lane.  To improve the dangerous condition for many Rossmoyne High School students and others using the footbridge a pedestrian crossing controlled by traffic lights at the intersection are also included.  This makes it necessary to convert Bull Creek Road East into a cul de sac.The path from the bridge will curve right down to the bus stop and continue under the bridge to the Webb St crossing.
Council is aware of the concerns on both sides of Leach Hwy about the congestion from the school drop off and pick ups and have said they will continue to monitor it “The RRSRA believes this is a well developed concept given the constraints of the area but will  also continue to monitor the progress.”

The Shelley Beach Park Foreshore.
Earlier in the year the RRSRA informed it’s member’s that as an Association we were supporting the option of a mobile coffee van as opposed to the fixed structure on the Shelley Beach Park Foreshore.  Thank you to the members who responded supporting our stance and as a follow on to that Richard Aldridge, has been championing this stance at Council, unfortunately the Corona virus has interrupted the normal processes that  are established to reach a resolution but there is no reason why you can’t continue to let your local Councillors know your views.  It’s not over until it’s over.

Shelley Beach Park
(Extract from ‘Your New Look Bannister Bulletin’)

Delay on Shelley Beach Park

Due to the current pandemic, all non-essential items have been deferred, including a decision the Shelley Beach Park masterplan. Given the level of interest, Council could not allow a public s matter.

The RRSRA congratulates the Rossmoyne Netball Club, this month at council the elected members voted unanimously to approve a new lease to the Rossmoyne Netball Club. The lease covers the newly built storage and toilet facilities, which will ensure better functionality for their operations. The Rossmoyne Netball Club has around 300 members and hires four netball courts through the city’s Active Places Team. It is wonderful to see this local association using the courts 5 days a week throughout the winter season to encourage fitness and teamwork with Shelley Rossmoyne and Riverton Youth.
Great to see the City of Canning Council unanimously supporting local sports.


At the March council meeting Cllr Kunze moved a motion for funding for the construction of an improved playground at Shelley Beach Park which was unfortunately defeated.

Although Shelley Beach Park playground is run down there are many more in the City of Canning that require far more urgent attention, and this was the main reason for the defeat.  We would all agree that all families in the City are entitled to good quality and appropriate facilities, however you would have to question why have so many playgrounds been allowed to fall into a state of such disrepair?  Would not the development and maintenance of high quality facilities for young families be a fundamental requirement of desirable living conditions for a community? 

The RRSRA will ensure that these facilities are monitored in our community to ensure that our young families have these necessary facilities.

 See the full report: https://www.canning.wa.gov.au/…/play-provision-strategy-870…

While the COVID-19 restrictions will ensure that the annual planting initiatives by the Canning River Residents Environment Protection Association (CRREPA) will take longer to complete, barring a further tightening of the restrictions we should be able to get all the plants in this year. 

Across all sites there will be some 2617 plants which we estimate will take two-person planting teams about 47 hours to plant with assistance from the City of Canning Natural Areas Team which has poisoned grass at the Corin-thian Road site and will augur the planting holes. 
The Corinthian Road site is the largest area we have revegetated for some years, extending from the Corinthian Road-Riverton Drive intersection, Rossmoyne to the western end of a revegetation plot opposite 123 Riverton Drive. It is the third and final plot funded under CRREPA’s three-year grant from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’ Community Rivercare Program. We will be planting locally growing species that have proven themselves to be resilient at our other revegetation sites, plants like Cotton heads (Conostylis candicans) which produce yellow ball flowers over a long period; the Swan River Myrtle (Hypocalymma angustifolium) which grows in a thick patch in the middle of the 123-129 Riverton Drive site; the Blue Flax Lily (Dianella revoluta), one of the hardiest of them all; and Running postman (Kennedia prostrata) with its lovely scarlet coral pea flowers. Then we have about hundreds of sedges to plant like the Pithy Sword-sedge (Lepidosperma longitudinale), Coastal saw sedge (Gahnia trifida) and the Knotted club rush (Ficinia nodosa). 
We will also be using our annual free allocation from the City of Canning of 500 plants to add to those at the Beatrice Avenue, Wadjup Point and Rob Bruce Park-187 Riverton Drive revegetation sites. 
Meanwhile, the City was to have planted 100 mature trees this year along the foreshore as one of the first steps in its implementation of the Foreshore Management Plan, but has been held over to next year because the City did want to undertake projects requiring additional resources during the COVID-19 restrictions. The City is looking to install opposite the Central Road-Riverton Drive intersection a movable 1000 litre water container or IBC (intermediate bulk container) from which CRREPA volunteers watering revegetation sites would be able to fill wa-tering cans and other containers. 
Stephen Johnston 

Large Woody Habitats (LWHs) 
The Swan Canning Estuary and Rivers have been extensively modified since European settlement. Historical dredging activities have completely removed productive oyster reef habitats as well as much of the large woody habitats (LWHs) while ~80% of wetlands have been lost through reclamation activities. The removal of these habitats has resulted in a loss of habitat complexity and productivity. 
LWHs are an important part of a healthy river and estuarine system and in ecological terms the more wood present, the better the habitat values of a watercourse (Water and Rivers Commission, 2000). This habitat is particularly important for fish shelter, protection and breeding, bird roosting and sanctuary and also erosion reduction. 
In the Swan Canning Rivers and Estuary this habitat can no longer be restored through natural processes due to reduced water flows and previous clearing and reclamation activities. But there is a solution that can give nature a hand by carefully placing large dead trees back in the water. LWH restoration activities, also known as resnagging, undertaken throughout New South Wales by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Development, have shown that restoring this natural habitat is possible and has positive benefits for native species. 
DBCA Rivers and Estuaries Branch, in conjunction with OzFish and Recfishwest and numerous consultants, have resolved to implement trials of the resnagging practice in locations in the Canning River upstream of the Mount Henry Bridge. 
Several positions have been identified but have been the subject of strong objections from environmental groups active in the area. 
At a meeting of interested parties in January 2020 there was consensus on the initial trial of the placement of a LWH in waters adjacent to the shoreline just east of the Fifth Avenue /Riverton Drive intersection. This position was subject to further detailed study of existing reed banks. 
In addition, there was a suggestion that the LWH may be better placed adjacent to the existing historical “convict fence” thus enhancing an existing habitat whilst not impeding sailing club activities or introducing an additional navigational hazard for waterborne traffic. DBCA noted that this alternative would require a detailed review. The proposal was accepted for review. 
Information on the status of this Project has been sought from both Ozfish and Recfishwest but has not come to hand ahead of the publication of this article. 
Tim Brook 
Acknowledgement: Extracts from “Restoring the rivers natural habitat” Author unknown, 2017