Dear Members,

We hope this news update finds you all well and safe and breathing little easier given the great results we have had in dealing with the world changing event – sorry just can’t use “unprecedented” any more.

While the RRSRA Committee haven’t been meeting regularly we have still been busy behind the scenes – taken on some new initiatives and reviewed our current operating model to see if we can provide a more responsive service to our members.

Some proposed changes are:
We are looking at providing a monthly update on what is happening in the community instead of the bi-annual newsletter. We feel this will give our members more timely information and inclusiveness. We would also like to include information regarding other Associations and clubs in the area, promote local businesses, particularly in view of Covid and how we can support our local businesses and build the community. keep you informed about what the City of Canning is planning and how this may impact our community.
We would also like to hear from our members – do you like the new format – is there any particular issues you would like progressed.


Even though Covid 19 has curtailed a great deal of activity the Association has been chipping away at a few items that may have some impacts on the local community.

  • In particular  several other councils have taken into consideration the economic impacts caused by Covid  and reduced their rates for 2020,  the City of Canning has elected to not raise the rates. but no reductions.
  •  The RRSRA conducted a poll through facebook and probably not surprisingly the community voted 79% in favour of a reduction. Lets hope the City is listening .
  • Recently the City of Canning Administration proposed a policy that would allow city drones and face recognition technology and incursions of privacy into our backyards.  This review has been rejected by council which has been fully supported by the RRSRA.  The Association believes there needs to be improved community safety but not breach  Ratepayer privacy.
  • The RRSRA fully supports the Councillor’s request for more information and community input to the expenditure of $1.15 million on the “connect to Canning” initiative.  This initiative was presented by the City’s administration while  still  in the conceptual stage such a large expenditure should have a far more detailed proposal before this is progressed.
  • Due to Covid the Council meetings were not open to the public however  Acting President, Richard Aldridge ensured that he has been “online” taking it all in.  Now that the restrictions are being lifted  business is back to normal and meetings are once again open to the public.



The park has just come through a long dry summer with very little or practically no good rain. As a result a number of shrubs have turned up their toes including several eucalyptus trees. One Jarrah tree approximately 14 metres high, situated down by the Rossmoyne Bowling Club’s car park also died. It appears due to the lack of summer rain the water table has dropped causing this loss.

A few months ago the Canning City Council as a result of a nearby residents complaint about a build-up of dry timber in the park, arranged for the timber to be removed by a contractor. This has cleaned up the park of this fire risk and we now have a number of bare areas that can be planted with the shrubs and trees that the Canning Council will provide these coming months.

The “Friends of Rossmoyne Park” have continued watering and cleaning up the park of rubbish on a weekly basis and are able to conform to the social distancing requirements due to the covid-19 pandemic.
Best wishes to all,  Bill Young.

What’s happening along this lazy river where the riverboats, the canoeists, the paddle boarders, the fishermen, the dogs and the families go…..



Translation refers to area- Wadjup (area downriver from Riverton Bridge)  Gabbilju (wetlands at head of Bull Creek Inlet)
In 2006 a local resident named Susan Harris, with a great deal of expertise in interpreting the historical and environmental elements of an area, undertook a contract with the City of Canning to develop and implement a signage program that would conserve the heritage of the Shelley-Rossmoyne foreshore, both historically and environmentally.  This became a labour of love and, simply put, Susan and her band of enthusiasts’ interest extended well past the end of the contract and they could now be considered the guardians of this outstanding interpretive walk filled with the stories of indigenous life, convicts, a food source, and life along the river in a bygone era.
While there are many things to be proud of with regards to this project, some outstanding aspects for Susan have been the Aboriginal consultation and support offered for the project, and the many people across the board who offered their skills, advice, and knowledge in all facets of the project. The interest and awareness of the local history and environment inherent in the project have provided a better understanding of this rich heritage and therefore better foreshore management for our future generations.
If you haven’t taken the walk, grab the family and do it and enrich the experience of an already fantastic day out.  Alternatively the group also offers more formal walks where you can have a guide to elaborate on the heritage interpreted. If you want to get involved with the group’s activities you will find the information on their facebook page: 

New arrivals Amreek & Luba became owners of the Flames restaurant twelve years ago and  soon became part of this community.  From the kitchens of the Taj Palace Hotel in India to the Carnival cruise line Amreek bought with him, his fine dining culinary expertise that has extended over many continents and fortunately  for this community landed in Rossmoyne.
Credit must be given to these two on how quickly they turned around their business to adjust to covid 19 restrictions and were  still able to offer their delicious meals and ensured they looked after their regular customers with home deliveries and reasonable charges.
Now that life is more normal and the restrictions are relaxing keep supporting this business the tough times aren’t over for the business owners and they need our support and we need them, to keep this community vibrant.

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