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 ‘Future Foot Path / Walking Needs’

Residents are planned to connect into the City of Canning JACOBS’ Path Network – Transperth Bus/Rail, Local Community Centre’s, Schools, Kindergarten, Recreation Areas, Public open Space, Tennis / Bowls Shops, Hall, Aged care facilities etc. The Connecting link is located at the intersect of Leach Highway and Webb Street Transperth Bus stop / Overhead Bridge access to Rossmoyne Senior High School and Keith Road. The future For Residents is linking existing Pathways back from established Facilities.

JACOBS’ Cycling and Walking Plan Final was delivered 18 September 2017. In the adopted Plan the City recognises increasing cycling and walking will result in lower levels of driving which will lead to a range of societal benefits including reduced congestion, improved social cohesion, improved levels of health and fitness, plus economic and environmental benefits across the region. The Vision Cycling and walking will be a safe, attractive and viable travel option between Neighbourhoods and destinations within the City of Canning and beyond.

Underlying this plan is the City Administrative: PATHS POLICY No: ET503. Adopted and last reviewed May 2009. The Objective being to provide, in residential streets, a footpath or shared path, connected to the existing system of paths as defined within the City.

The City will determine:

  1. Location of Paths; the width, the side of the Street for Construction, the route of the paths to be constructed across reserves and where a single path is constructed the path shall be constructed on the side containing street lighting.
  2. Alignment of Paths for various classes of streets, unless otherwise approved:
  3. Footpaths Access Roads – 1.8m on Kerb, Local Distributor Roads (<3000 Vehicles/Day) Minimum 2.0m on kerb, Local Distributor Roads (>5000 Vehicles/ Day) Minimum 2.0m on boundary and District Distributor + Higher a minimum. 1.5m on Boundary.
  4. Shared Paths Access Roads – 2.3m on kerb, Local Distributor Roads (<5000 Vehicles/ Day) Minimum 1.8m on kerb, Local Distributor Roads (>3000 Vehicles/Day) Minimum 1.5m on boundary and District Distributor Roads. 2.0m on Boundary and on recreation and transport routes be. 3.0m if located on a Boundary.
  5. Where a path is approved by Executive Engineering & Technical Services. Located on the kerb it shall be increased in width by 0.3m over width required on boundary.

RRSRA in support of Council’s Objective and Vision, has established a Sub-Committee to review existing pathway networks within RIVERTON. ROSSMOYNE and SHELLEY Localities and seeks Association Members and Resident written input and ideas/comments on this matter for inclusion in feedback to City Administration.
Robert Suann
RRSRA Committee


Speed Limits Within The City

Many of our residents living on Riverton Drive have expressed their concerns for many years over the volume and speed of traffic on this roadway.  Past approaches from Riverton, Rossmoyne & Shelley Residents’ Association (RRSRA) to the City Administration have been disappointing as we have been advised that speed limits are primarily a State Government matter with limited influence from the Local Government body. An additional request for ‘traffic calming’ installations has not been investigated or studied to our knowledge.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 17th September 2019, Cr Saberi successfully moved a motion calling on a review of speed limits within the City.  Over the next year, the City will be reviewing its Integrated Transport Strategy and evaluating current road safety performance around Activity Centres and key locations (including school zones and train station precincts).

The Association will again make every endeavor to present a case for the review of speed limits within the Bannister Ward and in particular the ‘speedway’ of Riverton Drive.

Residents and Ratepayers who have concerns over speed hazards within their locations should bring them to the notice of the Ward Councillor and RRSRA to ensure they are captured in the forthcoming review.

26th September 2019

Aircraft Noise Abatement

SNAG (Share Noise Action Group) has represented our community for several years and has advocated for amendments to the aircraft arrival and departure routes  in a manner that would more equally share the noise burden.  Individuals can register complaints with Airservices Australia and SNAG strongly recommends that affected homes do so.  Perth Airport Community Forum is another avenue to bring your concerns to public view.  The following attachment details questions and answers presented to the last Forum held on 28th February 2019.  For more info about PACF visit (
Regards, Webmaster
4th April 2019
Perth Airport Question Response Feb 2019

Verge Encroachment

The following article from the Examiner Newspaper demonstrates that your Association is taking a stand with respect to the serious issue of verge use by Builders, the damage to public property, risks to pedestrians and general untidiness.

Regards, Webmaster
27  March 2018

Crime Statistics

For those members who do not subscribe to the City of Canning ewatch, the following statistics with respect to crimes reported in our suburban area are of concern.  There appears to be an upwards trend which reinforces the consistent message from the our Police Force to secure your personal property at all times and to lock-up before you leave.  The professional will always gain access but the majority of these crimes opportunistic and properly secured premises will often be the simple deterrent.  Always remember to call Crime Stoppers if you encounter suspicious activities.  Keep safe and well.
Regards, Webmaster
6  March 2018

Implementing a lightweight single-use plastic bag ban in Western Australia

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) is working in partnership with the Boomerang Alliance to engage the community and key stakeholders in discussions about how best to reduce lightweight single-use plastic bags and their impacts on the environment in Western Australia.

The Boomerang Alliance is a partnership between community and environment groups that campaign for better waste outcomes, particularly in relation to plastic waste. The Boomerang Alliance aims to create healthy, pollution free environments by promoting maximum resource efficiency and zero waste. It promotes systemic changes to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.

This discussion paper (see link below) seeks feedback on how the Government can reduce the impact of lightweight single-use plastic bags. It focuses on the Government’s preferred option which is to implement a state-wide ban and seeks your views on the impact of the preferred approach. The paper also provides an opportunity for you to review other options that were considered but not pursued.

Written submissions must be received by 5pm (WST) on Friday 09 March 2018.
No late submissions will be considered. For lodgement details, refer to the discussion paper
Regards, Webmaster
23 February 2018


Have your say on Waste in Western Australia

Their is currently in circulation a consultation paper on Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy prepared by the Waste Authority.  A series of workshops have been completed to date in various locations throughout the State and written submissions are being canvased to contribute to the input from the workshops.  The closing date for submissions is 1st March 2018 and members and the public at large are encouraged to read the Consultation Paper and prepare a submission before the closing date.  We need to get the widest spread of ideas to ensure they achieve the broadest strategy.  Please give this matter your immediate attention.
Webmaster, 18 February  2018

Builders’ Verge Use

For members information, I have included below an email from Committee Member, Peter Agar, to the City of Canning relating to the use by Builders of the Public Verge.

“Good morning,
We, members of the Riverton, Rossmoyne & Shelley Residents Association have regularly discussed the processes involved in builders’ use of the road verge space which is, more often than not, becoming the norm and a necessity with building block ratios leaving no space for off road storage.  We have also been concerned that the process may warrant closer management in the field.

A case in point is the current construction underway at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Corinthian Road in Rossmoyne.  Regularly, the verge in Fifth Ave is fairly congested with items such as pallets of bricks.  Access along the footpath is open, however, there has been significant damage to the pathway and it is an extreme danger, particularly the elderly.  This path is a necessary access way as Fifth Ave is a busy thoroughfare and ,as stated, the verge is often completely congested with building materials.
Kind regards,
Peter Agar”

We look forward to the response from Council and subsequent action.
Webmaster, 10 January 2018

Share Noise Action Group (SNAG)

SNAG has recently emailed a members update which I believe is worthy of greater distribution to capture a wider community engagement. The text from this message follows:
“Hi SNAG member,
Recently there was a newspaper article announcing that Perth Airports Corporation had almost completed the preliminary design work for the parallel runway at Perth Airport, (due for public release early in 2018) . This prompted the  SNAG committee to write to the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport (Darren Chester) with cc to Ben Morton (Federal Member for Tagney) and Steve Irons (Federal Member for Swan).
The questions asked of the Minister were;

    • Assurance that the establishment of a second south-west exit corridor is being considered by ASA as part of the redesign of Perth airspace to accommodate the parallel runway, and details of the new flight paths they are considering.
    • If ASA is not considering a second south-west exit corridor, a detailed explanation as to (1) why not, and (2) what environmental impact assessment will be undertaken to justify the decision to stick with one south-west exit corridor and exponentially increase the flow of air traffic through that corridor over the next 30+ years. 
    • In the event of a second south-west exit corridor being rejected by ASA, will consideration be given to establishing a night time curfew at Perth Airport so that residents living under the affected corridor will have an opportunity to have uninterrupted sleep.

 We will keep you informed of any response. 
For your information also see attached an article by Ben Morton in the Canning Melville Times on Tuesday November 7th 2017.
Please note that the next Perth Airport Community Forum is on at the City of Kalamunda offices (2 Railway Road, Kalamunda) on Thursday 7 December 2017, commencing at 6.30 pm.  
All details to make complaints are contained below.
The SNAG Committee
Air Noise Ombudsman: online contact form or email
Ben Morton Community Update
Regards, Webmaster. 25 November 2017

Holiday Security.

Your Committee has discovered that the City of Canning has a ‘Holiday Watch ‘ Program run by the Canning Security Patrols. All you simply need to do is to contact the City on 1300 4 CANNING (1300 422 664) and provide some basic information regarding your intended holiday dates, nominated contact details and details of any person or vehicle that may be visiting the property in their absence. The Security Team will then ensure that the property is included in their patrols and can report any suspicious activity to the Police and your nominated contact person.