Who are we? What do we do?

Take a look at our brochure at the link below.  This outlines our Association activities and hopefully encourages you to join and perhaps participate on the Committee.

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All Occupiers and Owners of property within the suburbs of Riverton, Rossmoyne and Shelley of the City of Canning are eligible to be Members of the Association.

The Committee may at its discretion accept or refuse any application for membership without assigning a reason for such refusal.


An application for membership shall be in writing in the form provided and available from the website (see link below).  The application may be submitted by electronic means by downloading and completing a Membership Application and emailing the completed form to the Secretary.  Once downloaded and completed, save the file for attachment to your emailed request directed to

If you have access to a printer & scanner, each applicant should sign the completed form, in the place provided, to confirm their assent.  Scan the signed form and attach the scanned signed copy of the  form to the email.  Else, type the full name of each applicant into the signature box and our membership team will verify their consent prior to presenting your application to Committee for approval.

The application should include a member’s nomination of the applicant for membership. However, the Committee will accept Membership Applications without a nominee, where the Applicant does not have direct access to a current member for nomination purposes.

The subscription fee, determined by the Association at the Annual General Meeting each year, shall be payable upon application and subsequent years of membership.

A household membership fee covering three (3) members is currently available.

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