Plastic Bag Ban

The following email message has been received from the City of Canning and is reproduced in part for the information of Members and Ratepayers.

Dear Riverton, Rossmoyne, Shelley Residents Association,
As you may have heard, the State Government are banning lightweight single-use plastic bags in Western Australia from July 1, 2018. It will reduce the devastating impact of bag litter around our river and bushland, as well as downstream in the oceans on marine and bird life.
We’re really supportive of this ban and hope you are too.  Many people have happily made the switch to reusable shopping bags and are avoiding other types of single use plastic.
As the leaders in your community we’d like to support you and your members to Choose 2 Reuse. With your help we can reduce plastic waste and help hundreds of locals, like you, with the transition so they don’t get caught at the checkout without a bag.

About The Ban

This ban applies to light weight bags with handles like the ones at supermarkets and fast food outlets. Compostable and biodegradable bags are included, but vegetable ‘barrier bags’ are not.
Single-use plastic bags are not biodegradable, and often end up littering streets and polluting natural environments and waterways. These persist in our environment for hundreds of years. In fact, around five million bags are littered each year in WA resulting in devastating impacts on wildlife and birds.
For more information and FAQs on the State’s bag ban, please visit The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

How Else We Can Support You 

For more information on how you and your community can Choose 2 Reuse visit our dedicated page. Here you can see how else you can find out more about:

  • Reusable Bag Giveaways
  • Waste Education Workshops
  • Bin Liner Alternatives

With your help we can make the transition easier for our community.

Warm Regards,
The Canning Sustainability Team

Regards,   Webmaster, 23 May 2018

Shelley Beach Park Consultation

The City would like your input into the future developments of Shelley Beach Park. Join the consultation process at an informal coffee and chat at the Tribute Cafe on Thursday 24 May, drop in anytime between 7am and 10am.
Regards,   Webmaster, 17 May 2018

CRREPA Newsletter

The latest issue of the CRREPA Newsletter has been issued.  The following link will provide a copy for those interested in that worthy Association and their activities.
Regards, Webmaster
17 May 2018
CRREPA News No 51 April 2018


The City has now completed a series of Workshops seeking residents and ratepayers input to ‘shaping the future community infrastructure needs of the City’.  The data collected from these workshops will be analysed and presented to the Council for due consideration over the coming months.

The City has now released a further document titled Our City Our Future, A Strategic Community Plan for 2016 -2027 created with the Canning Community.  This document may be downloaded through the link below  and we urge all residents and ratepayers to download the document and read it thoroughly.  The City is looking for community input and discussion to ensure that the Plan meets the expectations of the majority of our community.

I urge all our City of Canning community to participate in this critical exercise.
Regards,  Webmaster, 3 April 2018


Tree Removal – Shelley Foreshore

The following email was delivered to our Secretary on 24 January 2018 and is copied for Member’s information:

“Hello Mrs Dunsire,
The City has removed a tree on the foreshore this morning because it had split at the top, and unfortunately remedial pruning would not have rectified the damage.  It will be replaced next season. The tree was located opposite Rob Bruce Park, between Fifth Avenue and Violet Avenue in Shelley.
Given the community sensitivity regarding trees, it is possible that the Riverton Rossmoyne and Shelley Residents Association may receive some queries, hence this email.
Mary Ross | Manager Natural Area Management and Conservation”

Your Committee are pleased that our Council Officers are proactive in advising affected Residents and Ratepayers.
Regards,   Webmaster


New Committee

Congratulations to the new committee of management elected at the AGM on 15 November 2017.  Their details have already been posted on the Directory Page.  Please join in wishing all a successful year in office.
Regrettably we  say farewell to Ian Jarvis who has served on Committee for 13 years and has been our membership database manager and newsletter compositor and distributor.  We will be missed on the committee but I am sure we will catch up with him around the traps from time to time. Keep well and enjoy some free time.
We also say farewell to Monica Reid who has retired from committee. Thank you for your contribution.
Regards, Webmaster
16 November 2017

Local Government Act 1995 – Review

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries has advised that for the first time in more than 20 years, the Local Government Act 1995 is to be reviewed. They have prepared a consultation paper which will be available for public comment through online submissions. Following the release of the consultation paper, the Department is holding workshops in a number of locations throughout the State.  The following link will take you to a transcript of the email message received by our Association and contains details of the meeting dates and locations along with the links to further information and registration for attendance at the workshops. This a great opportunity to become engaged particularly as we witness the circus with respect to Perth City Council.
Regards, Webmaster
8 November 2017

Legislative Changes

The Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (new law) commenced on 1 July 2016 and fully replaced the previous Act of 1987. The new Act now applies to all incorporated associations and clubs registered in Western Australia and to our Association. As a consequence of this new legislation, the current Constitution (Rules of Association) for RRSRA, no longer complies and needs to be amended and implemented within a period of 3 years from the date of the commencement of the new law.
Thus, our Association must review, revise and adopt a Constitution in compliance with the new law by 1 July 2019.
The revised Constitution (Rules of Association) was presented to the AGM on Wednesday November 15th and was adopted.  This document will now be submitted to the Commissioner for approval.  Effectively, the Association is now working under the revised Constitution.
Regards, Webmaster.
16 November 2017


With the increased intensity of infill development throughout our Ward, there are many allotments that are subject to refurbishment and new construction.
These activities through their very nature require the encroachment on the verge and often impede the free access of the public and regrettably in some instances, present unsightly waste and public risk.

The City of Canning has clear requirements with respect to these situations and builders/developers are required to obtain an appropriate permit to encroach onto the verge. These permits include detailed regulations and whilst they are not necessarily policed, Residents’ and Ratepayers should not hesitate to report to the Council any breach of the permit regulations or when the sites present a risk to the community or become untidy and environmentally unsound.

Likewise, will demolition activities, these have similar permit requirements and regulations and adjacent properties should not hesitate to report incidents of inadequate dust control and noise abatement.

Residents should be particularly vigilant with respect to asbestos removal and disposal, as many of the buildings being demolished will contain asbestos cement sheeting in the soffit and in dividing fences. Whilst these activities present a minimal risk, the Demolition Contractor is required to comply with clear regulations for the disposal of these materials.

Do not hesitate to report any non-compliances on any of these matters.
Regards, Webmaster 30 June 2017


From time to time Residents’ and Ratepayers encounter problems in their vicinity that require immediate attention and action from the City of Canning. It is often difficult to decide the best course of action and then to decide which Department within our Council to direct the request. The City help desk is generally very helpful in this regard, however there are other options for implementing action.

For urgent attention and action, it is best to contact the City Ranger (1300 422 664), as they are available 24/7 and can alert the appropriate Department in Council to attend to the situation. As they are mobile, they can also attend the scene and provide information to the relevant Department to facilitate a speedy and efficient resolution.

The City of Canning has recently extensively upgraded their Website and has incorporated an on-line process to improve these functions. For those who have access to the Internet, this new gateway is an efficient and speedy avenue to action requests to Council.

The application is known as REPORT IT and is accessed through the City of Canning website. You may wish to include the following link in your search engine to ensure you have quick access when required.

Remember, our City Council is here to provide a service to Ratepayers’ and we should not hesitate to call upon these services where necessary.
Regards, Webmaster. 29 June 2017

Foreshore Restoration Works at Wadjup Point 

The following email was delivered to our Webmail by the City of Canning and is posted for member consideration and action.  The links below provide the details of site plan and photographs.

Dear Riverton, Rossmoyne and Shelley Ratepayer’s Association

During May/June 2017, the City of Canning will be undertaking foreshore stabilisation works along the Shelley Rossmoyne Foreshore at two locations at Wadjup Point (refer to attached map). These works are necessary to minimise the impact of erosion on the foreshore caused by wind and wave action and uncontrolled access, placing public safety, the natural environment and adjacent infrastructure at risk.

The restoration plans were developed in collaboration with the Canning River Residents Environment Protection Association (CRREPA) and the Department of Parks and Wildlife. At site A, the proposed works include minor contouring of the riverbank, installation of low gabion baskets, placement of small limestone spalls and revegetation with low level native plant species. Gabion baskets provide long term bank stability and their porosity allows for reduced wave impact on the riverbank. The photo below shows an example of a low gabion wall construction prior to revegetation along a section of the Swan River.

At site B, works will involve contouring of the riverbank, placement of erosion control matting, installation of one row of coir logging and revegetation. The photo below shows a restoration project which utilised two rows of coir logs to protect a riverbank.

Maintaining public access along the foreshore was an important consideration in the development of works at site A and B. Both designs will allow for the community to continue to access the foreshore using designated access ways to the open beach areas.

Local residents in the area have been sent a copy of this information.

If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact me or Parks Conservation Officer, Amanda Strano, via the details below.

Yours sincerely,

Merise Blackburn | Parks Conservation Officer
Work days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. At other times, please contact Amanda Strano on 9231 0826.
T: 9231 0826 | M: 0419 440 382 | 1300 422 664 | F: 9356 2221
Locked Bag 80, Welshpool, WA 6986 | Corner George Street West and Albany Highway, Cannington WA”

Shelley Rossmoyne Foreshore Restoration Works at Wadjup Point
D16 178075 Locality Map Wadjup Point Erosion Control Project

Regards, Webmaster 19 May 2017

OzFish Unlimited Grant Application

The following email was delivered to our Webmail by the City of Canning and is posted for member consideration and action.

“Dear Riverton, Rossmoyne and Shelley Ratepayers Association

The City was approached by RecFishWest and Ozfish Unlimited to support an expression of interest grant application to the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund to help improve fish habitat in the Swan and Canning Rivers. The attached document explains further details about the project for your information.  

The City has provided initial supportive for the project subject to further consultation with your association, CRREPA, Shelley Sailing Club and the general community. The project is in line with the environmental objectives of the City and CRREPA and may be a good opportunity to enhance riparian and fish habitat as well as educate the recreational fishing community. Members of your association are welcome to provide feedback on this proposal via email to myself on the details below by 30 June 2017.
Yours sincerely,
Merise Blackburn | Parks Conservation Officer
Work days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. At other times, please contact Amanda Strano on 9231 0826.
T: 9231 0826 | M: 0419 440 382 | 1300 422 664 | F: 9356 2221
Email: Locked Bag 80, Welshpool, WA 6986 | Corner George Street West and Albany Highway, Cannington WA”

Ozfish Unlimited Habitat Project (2)

Regards, Webmaster 19 May 2017

Underground Power in Shelley and Riverton

Your Association has been advised that Shelley and Riverton are in the mix for underground power.  At last we hear you cry!.  We have given up counting how many years your Association has been pushing for this!

The criteria for assessing priority has changed –

  • Community support is now worth 25  (assuming out of a 100 point checklist)
  • The number of outages
  • Age and condition of the infrastructure

Shelley, while low on outages, apparently has very poor poles which has boosted the priority for the suburb.  Riverton is a little better off so is a bit lower down the list.

You can help the push for the undergrounding of power by contacting the City of Canning on    or by writing to them at Locked Bag 80, Welshpool, Western Australia, 6986 or by dropping it in to the City Offices at  1317 Albany Highway, Cannington.