Urban Forest Strategy public comment

The City has developed a plan for enhancing and increasing urban forests across public open space, streetscapes and residential areas throughout Canning. The Draft Urban Forest Strategy sets goals for increasing Canning’s urban canopy by 22% over 20 years and is available for public comment now. Have your say on the Strategy until 4 October.
Regards, Webmaster, 13 September 2019

Plastic Bag Ban

The following email message has been received from the City of Canning and is reproduced in part for the information of Members and Ratepayers.

Dear Riverton, Rossmoyne, Shelley Residents Association,
As you may have heard, the State Government are banning lightweight single-use plastic bags in Western Australia from July 1, 2018. It will reduce the devastating impact of bag litter around our river and bushland, as well as downstream in the oceans on marine and bird life.
We’re really supportive of this ban and hope you are too.  Many people have happily made the switch to reusable shopping bags and are avoiding other types of single use plastic.
As the leaders in your community we’d like to support you and your members to Choose 2 Reuse. With your help we can reduce plastic waste and help hundreds of locals, like you, with the transition so they don’t get caught at the checkout without a bag.

About The Ban

This ban applies to light weight bags with handles like the ones at supermarkets and fast food outlets. Compostable and biodegradable bags are included, but vegetable ‘barrier bags’ are not.
Single-use plastic bags are not biodegradable, and often end up littering streets and polluting natural environments and waterways. These persist in our environment for hundreds of years. In fact, around five million bags are littered each year in WA resulting in devastating impacts on wildlife and birds.
For more information and FAQs on the State’s bag ban, please visit The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

How Else We Can Support You 

For more information on how you and your community can Choose 2 Reuse visit our dedicated page. Here you can see how else you can find out more about:

  • Reusable Bag Giveaways
  • Waste Education Workshops
  • Bin Liner Alternatives

With your help we can make the transition easier for our community.

Warm Regards,
The Canning Sustainability Team

Regards,   Webmaster, 23 May 2018


With the increased intensity of infill development throughout our Ward, there are many allotments that are subject to refurbishment and new construction.
These activities through their very nature require the encroachment on the verge and often impede the free access of the public and regrettably in some instances, present unsightly waste and public risk.

The City of Canning has clear requirements with respect to these situations and builders/developers are required to obtain an appropriate permit to encroach onto the verge. These permits include detailed regulations and whilst they are not necessarily policed, Residents’ and Ratepayers should not hesitate to report to the Council any breach of the permit regulations or when the sites present a risk to the community or become untidy and environmentally unsound.
Likewise, will demolition activities, these have similar permit requirements and regulations and adjacent properties should not hesitate to report incidents of inadequate dust control and noise abatement.
Residents should be particularly vigilant with respect to asbestos removal and disposal, as many of the buildings being demolished will contain asbestos cement sheeting in the soffit and in dividing fences. Whilst these activities present a minimal risk, the Demolition Contractor is required to comply with clear regulations for the disposal of these materials.
Do not hesitate to report any non-compliance on any of these matters.
Regards, Webmaster 30 June 2017


From time to time Residents’ and Ratepayers encounter problems in their vicinity that require immediate attention and action from the City of Canning. It is often difficult to decide the best course of action and then to decide which Department within our Council to direct the request. The City help desk is generally very helpful in this regard, however there are other options for implementing action.

For urgent attention and action, it is best to contact the City Ranger (1300 422 664), as they are available 24/7 and can alert the appropriate Department in Council to attend to the situation. As they are mobile, they can also attend the scene and provide information to the relevant Department to facilitate a speedy and efficient resolution.

The City of Canning has recently extensively upgraded their Website and has incorporated an on-line process to improve these functions. For those who have access to the Internet, this new gateway is an efficient and speedy avenue to action requests to Council.

The application is known as REPORT IT and is accessed through the City of Canning website. You may wish to include the following link in your search engine to ensure you have quick access when required.

Remember, our City Council is here to provide a service to Ratepayers’ and we should not hesitate to call upon these services where necessary.
Regards, Webmaster. 29 June 2017